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Endorsed by Former Sheriff Phil Brown...

Donnie is the finest Sheriff Deputy I have ever had serve with me. I personally mentored Donnie for 15 years as he matured and successfully took on more and more responsibility. He has the utmost integrity and a dogged work ethic that gets the job done. He has earned countless awards and achievements. I sleep well knowning that, with your vote, Donnie Baker will be our next Sheriff.

- Caroline County Sheriff Phil Brown, retired (1994-2010)


Caroline County has been privileged to have Sheriff Randy Bounds serve and protect our community. His honorable reputation and his ability to keep us safe are the characteristics that we all want in our next Sheriff. In my judgment, Donnie Baker has those characteristics. He is conscientious, trustworthy, well known in the community and certainly capable of leading the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office into the future.Over many conversations between Donnie and myself, Donnie was correct to conclude that I support him in his efforts to be Sheriff. While I did not formally endorse Donnie, the robo call put out by his opponent is far from accurate. To that end, I am publicly re-enforcing my support for Donnie to be the next Sheriff of Caroline County and extend my written formal endorsement."

Maryland State Delegate Chris Adams, District: 37B

“I want to make it crystal clear that I wholeheartedly endorse Donnie Baker for Sheriff in Caroline County. While I do not serve on the judiciary committee in the House of Delegates I have stood on the floor of the house chambers many times fighting the progressive anti-law and order bills that have been forced on Marylander's. Sadly we are outnumbered 2 to 1 but I can say that these new laws would have been far worse had it not been for the efforts of our delegation and local law enforcement. I want to thank Sheriff Bounds, Lt Baker, Captain Henning and Chief Bacorn for their help over the years keeping not only myself informed about the issues facing law enforcement but also my colleagues. These guys were the experts who reached out to me during those fights. Our delegation fights over our weight class in Annapolis because of the support we get back home and for that I am very grateful. Donnie Baker has the integrity, demeanor, strength, institutional knowledge of both Caroline County and the state of Maryland to ensure that the top law enforcement agency in Caroline County will continue with the highest level of professionalism that it has demonstrated. He will not only hold the public accountable for following the rule of law but will hold his officers to a high standard of conduct. He will work hard to earn and maintain the trust of our community for law enforcement. I look forward to working with Donnie to ensure that the Sheriff’s Department equipment is constantly up to date and that we will continue to ensure that school resource officers are supported. We also want to help improve coverage in the county so that response times are fast when our residents need it most. I ask that when you vote over the coming weeks or on Election Day that you vote for Donnie Baker."

Maryland State Delegate Jefferson L. Ghrist, District 36

Other Caroline County Leadership Endorsements...

Chief Deputy Sidney Pinder

Caroline County Sheriff's Office


Commissioner Frank Prettyman

Past Caroline Co. Commissioner


Police Chief Ronald Russum

Ridgely Police Department


Commissioner Leonard John Buckle

Town of Ridgely - Commissioner


Commissioner Roger Layton

Past Caroline Co. Commissioner


Mayor Kevin Reichart

Town of Greensboro


Police Chief David Spencer

Easton Police Department


Police Chief Rodney Cox

Denton Police Department


School Board Member

James Newcomb Jr.

Caroline County

Mayor Chuck Planter

Town of Federalsburg


Councilman Dallas Lister

Denton Town Council


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