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Donnie Baker

for Caroline County Sheriff 2022
Trusted - Tested - Tough

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Donnie's Message

I am the only candidate with Command Staff experience in the Caroline County Sheriff's Office, the only candidate that is a lifelong resident of Caroline County, and the only candidate that has the endorsement of both the Current Sheriff of Caroline County - Sheriff Randy Bounds and the former Sheriff Phillip Brown...

I truly cherish our County. I met my wife here and it's where we raised our two daughters. I am a trusted partner in the community -- coaching youth soccer and lacrosse, and serving as a Character Counts coach with the public schools.

I am tough on those who would seek to do us harm and fair to those who need (and want) help. I have also been tested in almost all situations throughout my 28 years of service to Caroline County.

I am running for Sheriff and I ask for your vote...

Donnie Baker

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My Priorities...

In the era of “de-fund the police”, our law enforcement agencies around the State and here in Caroline County must find ways to get resources to go further by working with and combining efforts with federal, state, and local agencies to get the job done. 


Some initiatives and programs I propose to do are seen in the following bullet points:

CONTINUE TO FOCUS ON SCHOOL SAFETY: Focus intensely on school safety and work with our school board to KEEP our schools the safest for our kids.

START THE CAROLINE COUNTY BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (CBI): Designed to increase investigative abilities in all areas of Caroline County. This Bureau would be made up of State officers, County [Sheriff’s Deputies], and Town Police Officers. It is a partnership meant to bring investigative resources to every resident in Caroline County regardless of what town they live in…

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS ACROSS LAW ENFORCEMENT: Continue and enhance our relationship with Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies to keep our families safe.

OUR DRUG TASK FORCE IS KEY: A renewed commitment to the Caroline County Drug Task Force and continue supporting their initiatives.

CONTINUE OUR SAFE STATION FOR DRUG ADDICTIONS: Fight the opioid crisis by building upon the current “Safe Station” concept to get our citizen's help immediately.

ADD ADDITIONAL DRUG K-9'S TO THE PATROL FORCE: Work to get at least one “Drug Detection K9” on each patrol group to keep drugs off our streets and away from our children.

BUILD UPON THE MOBILE CRISIS UNIT: Continue to build new programs with the Eastern Shore Mobile Crisis Unit and push out more training for Deputies in Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) to deescalate tense situations without force.

EXPAND OUTREACH AND VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS:  Build upon our current Fire Police program in Caroline County and look to expand into other volunteer programs to bring various services to our citizens.

I look forward to continue to work with the citizens of Caroline County as your next Sheriff. Together we can build a future of teamwork and a sense of community as we focus on the safety of our families, friends, and neighbors.

I ask for your vote July 19th to be your next Sheriff of Caroline County 2022.

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